Creating the Perfect Polish Bigos

Bigos is a delicious, nutritious Polish stew the main ingredients of which are cabbage and meat. Bigos

The manner of execution is easy. Finely chop white cabbage and boil until soft. Cut sauerkraut into small pieces and boil. Mix the cabbage and sauerkraut together and boil for two hours. Add salt, pepper, spices, and garlic to add to the flavour.

Cut pieces of beef and pork into cubes, and fry with some onion. You can also fry some bacon and Polish sausage to the bigos.

Next add all the fried meat to the cooked cabbage and sauerkraut, and simmer together stirring often. You can add some tomato puree at this stage. For a truly aromatic flavour to the stew you can also add dried plums, mushrooms, and a glass of good dry wine.

Bigos can be served with bread or potatoes.

Bigos stew is even more tasty when reheated the next day.


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