The Growing Popularity of Polish Food in London

Polish food has never been more popular in London. “Fancy a Polish” is becoming a buzzword as it did for Indian food previously.

Many Polish restaurants and delis have opened since Poles started arriving in large numbers in 2004.

Supermarkets stock an abundance of Polish foods, and even in small corner shops you will find pierogi, golabki, or pasztet.

Some of the most popular Polish food in London today are:

Pierogi dumplings that can be filled with cabbage or mushroom, or even strawberries.

Schabowy, which are breaded pork cutlets served with mash potato and beetroot salad.

Bigos, which is a stew of cabbage and meat.

Barszcz Czerwony, which is a beetroot soup served with mash potato and bacon.

It’s not only the large Polish community that is helping to promote the popularity. ¬†British people are absorbing and appreciating its rustic nature, which is similar in many ways to traditional British food.

Polish food is thriving and now competes with the very best world cuisines you can find in cosmopolitan London today.

If you are looking for great tasting Polish food in London, check our online menus, or you can contact us via our website.

Starlet Cuisine launches a new Polish food delivery and catering service in London

Whether you want to order some food for for a party, wedding, celebration event, or perhaps for a lunch meeting at your office, Starlet Cuisine offers fresh, healthy, handmade Polish food that is sure to tempt your taste buds.

Mouthwatering pierogi with a variety of fillings, hearty and healthy handmade Polish soups, or Bigos the warming stew that is the national dish of Poland, we are sure to have a Polish delicacy that will delight you and make you come back for more.

Demand for Polish food in the UK is on the rise again as many Polish people return to the UK having gone home when the credit crunch hit at the end of 2008. Up to a million Poles were said to have settled in the UK following entry to the European Union in 2004.

Starlet Cuisine’s catering service in London aims to not only to capture this resurgent Polish market, but also introduce British people to the delights of Polish food.

A spokesman for Starlet Cuisine said: “For many years, Polish food suffered from the east European stereotype, with people thinking it was nothing but soggy cabbage and beetroot. Now they are recognising the quality of the food, which is very healthy, with lots of fresh vegetables.

He added: “The British have become much more open to Polish culture after so many Poles have settled in the UK. Supermarkets have shelves and whole sections devoted to convenient Polish foods”.

“I think the time is right for Polish cuisine to come out of the shadow of the old iron curtain and compete with the very best cuisines on offer in the UK today. A Polish food revolution is on its way. and Starlet Cuisine will be at the forefront offering traditional Polish food presented in a modern and contemporary way”

Starlet Cuisine is located in the heart of London and uniquely positioned to serve both private and business customers all over the capital.

A new website with a quick and easy online ordering option that makes it simple to place an order for delicious Polish food for your event, party, wedding, or celebration.

A healthy and exciting menu, with fresh Polish food that is affordable, well presented in a modern way, makes our catering service the right choices for your private catering or office catering requirements in London.

About Starlet Cuisine

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