office catering London

Office Catering London

We offer a complete office catering London service that include lunches, soups, salads, sandwich platters, and desserts. Please take a look at the range of exciting dishes we can offer for your office lunch meeting.


Our healthy and warming Polish soups are served with 2 pieces of bread, or a roll

1.Barszcz czerwony





Our sandwich platters consist of 6 rounds, which is enough for 4 to 5 people. All platters are garnished and sandwiches include salads & dressings. Served on a mixture of Wholemeal, Granary & White breads, or Polish rye bread.

Sandwich Platter 1

Cheese and ham, Egg mayonaise with chives and onion, smoked salmon and horseradish sauce

Sandwich Platter 2

Ham and tomato, Polish kielbasa, fresh cucumber and tomato, tuna mayonaise

Vegetarian Sandwich Platter 3

Egg mayonaise, Brie & Grape, Avocado Salad


1.Salatka (potato and vegetable salad in a mayo and mustard dressing)

2.Salatka sledziowa (potato and vegetables salad with mayo and mustard dressing)

3.Salatka grecka (Greek salad)

4.Salatka z kurczaka (chicken rise and mayo salad.)

Main Courses

1. Schabowy with mash potato and various salad options selected from our side orders.

2.Golabki with mash potato and tomato sauce.

3. Bigos wih bread or mash potato 

4.Pierogi – 5 pierogi with various filling options and various salads

5.Kotlet mielony with mash and various salad options from our side orders

6. Kasza z gulasz (a beef and vegetable stew made with barley) 

7. Starlet’s Polish Platter (includes Grilled or Boiled Polish Kielbasa, Stuffed Cabbage, 3 Pierogi, Bigos-Hanter Stew, Mashed Potato & Cup of Polish Soup) 

8. Placki (Potato pancakes served with sour cream on the side)


1. Paczki (a Polish doughnut with jam filling)

2. Sernik (a Polish cheesecake with peaches)

3. Jablecznik (a Polish apple crumble)

4. Makowiec (poppy seed cake)

Side Orders

1. Beetroot salad

2. Fresh cabbage, carrot and apple salad

3. Sour cabbage salad

4. Leafy salad with sour cream

5. Pickled cucumber salad

6. Sour cucumber

7. Selection of Polish breads and rolls

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Minimum order of £200 applies.