How to Cook Barszcz Czerwony Polish Soup

Barszcz czerwony is a bright red beetroot soup that is very popular in Poland.  The colour is stunning and the taste is deliciously sharp. Barszcz czerwony beetroot soup

The following ingredients are needed to cook this hearty and healthy Polish soup.

6 beetroots

Two carrots, parsley, half an onion, quarter of a leek, half a stick of celery

Salt and pepper

2 litres of Chicken stock

1 – 2  tsps of sugar to taste

Lemon juice

Bay Leaf

2 Allspice

1 tbsp white vinegar

Cooking Barszcz czerwony is quick and easy.

Heat the chicken stock in a large pan.

Place all vegetables, bay leaf, and allspice into the stock.  Bring to the boil, then simmer until the vegetables are soft

Cut the beetroots into thin slices and place into the stock.

Add a little lemon juice to the stock to help cause its intense red colour.

Barszcz must be sharp in taste so add 2 spoons of white vinegar, which will give a traditional sour flavour.

Cover and heat until the beetroot is soft.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Barszcz czerwony should be served with mashed potato topped with fried bacon and some dill.

Barszcz czerwony is one of a number of tasty Polish soups in London available from Starlet Cuisine.


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