Hearty and Healthy Polish Soups

Traditional Polish soups are one of our specialities making our soup simply the best Polish soup you’ll ever taste in London.

Barszcz Czerwony

Our stunning bright red soup is made from beetroot, and mixed vegetables. Adding vinegar and lemon gives our barszcz a sweet and sour taste. It can be served on its own or with croquettes, potatoes, bread, or sour cream.


Our rich tomato soup is based on a chicken stock with mixed vegetables, fresh tomatoes.  It can be served with rice or pasta. Sour cream can be added to taste.


Our cucumber soup is made from chicken stock mixed with fresh organic vegetables, sour cucumber and potatoes, and sour cream to taste.  May be served with bread.


Our tasty mushroom soup is made from chicken stock, fried mushrooms in butter, and mixed vegetables.  Served on its own or with bread.

Please note all our Polish soups are available as vegetarian options made from vegetable stock instead.  Please enquire and we will be happy to help.

Try our recipe for barszcz czerwony if you would like a crack at cooking it yourself at home,